Wireless and IP Communications and Enterprise Software Systems

InfoVision’s Wireless & IP communications practice focuses on next generation multimedia solutions for all-IP mobility world. InfoVision has expertise in seamless integration and rapid deployment of new services by enabling the delivery of blended voice, video, data and multimedia applications.



  • Extending narrow band / ISP provisioning and Activation Platform to support VoIP Service Provisioning and Activation.
  • Integration with Enterprise application project ordering channels (online, call center, agent client server application, wholesale ordering channel, partner ordering channel) using workflow (as per LOB) enabled web services technologies and framework (both JAVA/J2EE/JMS technologies and .NET technologies using .NET Framework)
  • Integration with Customer Care applications (Web, Desktop and Call center, Trouble ticket Management system) and Billing platforms using messaging technologies to support flow through provisioning and activation of Service orders as well as bill presentation and payment Services

  • Ordering Channel Enhancements and Flow-Through Provisioning Enhancements to support Overlay and Greenfield Initiatives.
  • Specific enhancements to support Home Owner Associations and Multi unit Apartment Complexes for Account Creation, Account management, Account History via Web and Partner Portals.
  • Ordering, Billing and Customer Care Integration and Enhancements

  • Development of workflow enabled Web Service based Ordering Gateway infrastructure / platform on UNIX /Java/J2EE/JMS/XML or Windows/NET Framework/. NET technologies. Integrating LOB legacy Ordering systems with Ordering Gateway infrastructure / platform.
  • Development of workflow enabled Web Service based Billing Gateway infrastructure / platform on UNIX /Java/J2EE/JMS/XML or Windows/NET Framework/. NET technologies. Integrating LOB legacy Billing systems with Billing Gateway infrastructure / platform.
  • Development of workflow enabled Web Service based Customer Care Gateway infrastructure / platform on UNIX /Java/J2EE/JMS/XML or Windows/NET Framework/. NET technologies. Integrating LOB legacy Billing systems with Customer Care Gateway infrastructure / platform.
  • Development LOB Specific WEB portals to integrated with Ordering, Billing and Customer Care. Integrating Single Sign-on Service (Netegrity Site Minder Suite) with the portals to support secure access to Enterprise Applications.
  • Communications Web Services and Collaboration Services

    This convergence of voice and Web technology is referred as Communications Web Services. CWS approach is a three-tiered platform design where the presentation layer, application logic and data store are each abstracted into different functional layers of the architecture. Platform functions are exposed through web services interfaces with support for standard speech markup languages and middleware tailored for transaction-oriented web servers. This approach easily fits into standard computing environments because its share a common Web infrastructure with existing applications and it exploits existing staff Web expertise.

    Benefits of the communications web services approach include the ability to share application logic across presentation devices, while the application only needs to be built once. For example, the following applications could each leverage the same underlying web services application architecture, with different presentations and user interfaces:

  • Core Voice Mail application with touch-tone interface (TUI)
  • Voice activated dialing (VAD) with network-based address book
  • Web based access to user-configurable features with an online service manager
  • Speech-enabled access to mailbox services.
  • CWS can be extended to Support Group Collaboration such as:
  • Presence based Web Conferencing (Voice, Chat, Desktop / Application Streaming) both adhoc and Scheduled.
  • Documents and Workspace Sharing
  • Notification and Event Services to support shared document / workspace change events scheduled / calendar events
  • Telecom Network Management Systems (BSS, OSS, NMS, EMS)

    InfoVision has expertise in multiple areas of network management including –

  • Network Element Managent (using SNMP, TL1, Telecordia proprietary EMS)
  • Network Design and Inventory management systems
  • Network Provisioning and Activation Systems (for PSTN, Narrowband, Broadband, IP, ISP, ATM/Frame relay circuits/Networks)
  • Network Service Qualification and Quality Assurance Systems, Work Force Automation System (Work order/ Work item Scheduling and Management System)
  • InfoVision is a leading provider of strategic resources specializing in mobile applications, SAS and enterprise applications. Contact InfoVision for more information on VOIP solutions.

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