Visual Collaboration

VCollab is a high performance visual prototyping tool that leverages the power of SGI(R) Onyx(R) systems and OpenGL Optimizer(TM) to help users load and study large assemblies from any CAD system at good frame rates.

VCollab provides the user the ability to manipulate, present, visualize and document 3D modeling and simulation data securely, allowing collaboratiion among multiple users.

VCollab can view modeling and simulation data from the leading CAE applications such as MSC.Nastran, MSC.ADAMS, FLUENT, ABAQUS, STAR-CD, LS-DYNA and ANSYS, as well as DELMIA and the majority of the leading CAD packages available today.


  • VCollab·s highly efficient graphics format allows viewing of large datasets on low cost platforms.
  • VCollab·s rich yet simple to use features enable a broader audience to interact with 3D datasets and files.
  • VCollab specializes in viewing 3D motion and transient simulation, allowing greater insight into the engineering designs.
  • Collaboration

  • VCollab·s common vcb file format allows sharing of concepts and results across different engineering disciplines, among geographically disbursed groups, or among OEM and their suppliers.
  • VCollab·s .net technology allows real time synchronized engineering review among distributed engineering teams.
  • VCollab mark-up capability provides a quick feedback mechanism after interactive viewing of the 3D dataset.
  • “Collaborative tools (like VCollab) provide interactive, collaborative design review and increase levels of communication throughout the design process; speeding communication, lowering costs and accelerating work process.”

    – Microsoft Study


  • VCollab files can be embedded within MS-Office documents allowing users to give stunning 3D presentations, substantially increasing the level of appreciation of the 3D results.
  • Effectively communicate with non-technical, business executives and decision makers.
  • VCollab directly generates HTML files that can be readily inserted into existing web sites for sharing.
  • “VCollab strength lies in its ease of use with its simple interface…it takes minutes to learn and use. At BYU, I used VCollab to create electrifying 3D Presentations with Digital CAx Data.”

    – Associate Research Fellow, ParacAD Research Laboratory, Bringham Young University


  • VCollab provides the facility to combine 3D datasets (CAD, CAM, CAE) into one single visual file which allows for multi-function/ cross-attribute trade off studies.
  • VCollab incorporates Bill of Material (BOM) information into the visualization database that allows greater flexibility in understanding designs and diagnosing problems.
  • Integration of VCollab·s data vault with PLM systems allows for efficient retrieval of ready-to-use visual information, avoiding re-processing of raw data.
  • “VCollab·s ability to make 3D presentations and 3D documents with embedded FEA and CFD simulations helps us grasp a thorough understanding of our customer·s problems. VCollab has added tremendous value to what we can ofer to our clients, has set us apart from our competitors and helped us win new business”

    – Business Relationship Manager, Tata Consulting Services
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