The Ultimate Power of the Big Data for Retailers to Win Customers
With the advent of Social Media into the Retail Industry, there is a generation of large volumes of data across the supply chain management and many other customer touch points. Retailers could certainly leverage on the analysis and streamlining of this huge data that present potential opportunities. With advanced Big Data Solutions the companies can make key decisions on offers, prices, products, assortments, marketing and operations. Big Data Analytic Solutions from InfoVision ensure that you deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience all the way.

Our Offerings:

  • Pricing Analytics
  • Inventory Management
  • Demand Forecast
  • Logistics Optimization
  • Sourcing Optimization
  • iBeacon Location Based Solutions
  • Path-to-purchase Analytics
  • Our Competence:
    One of our clients’ had 50000 SKU’s in more than 4000 stores which was streamlined by our data experts to get all information at the client’s finger tips. Big Data Analytic Solutions from InfoVision ensure that you deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience all the way.


    Reducing customer churn and OPEX in Telecom by exploiting the Big Data

    It’s a known fact that Telecom is the industry which produces the largest data than any other industry. Telecom service providers need to harness this data to gain an edge over their competitors, gain bigger market share and increase revenues in the process. Using advanced big data analytics, InfoVision ensures to provide next generation customer experience to its clients. We also analyze the behavioural data to optimally target services and reduce churn.

    Our Offerings:

  • Customer Churn Analysis
  • Network Performance Analytics
  • Pricing & Promotion Analytics
  • Manufacturing:

    Gain phenomenal ROI and a comprehensive data on the manufacturing performance through our highly effective predictive analytics
    The manufacturing industry needs insights into markets, customers to stay ahead of the competition and to deliver consistent business performance. Through the increasing use of advanced technologies and machinery and the advent of the social media and other open data, industrial operations and physical systems produce a continuous stream of rich data that needs to be stored, managed, analyzed and acted upon for sustainable operations in the system. Also, manufacturing units need to be very quick in responding to customer requirements. InfoVision helps its manufacturing clients through harnessing the big data analytics for effectively increasing sales and enable better supply chain tracking.

    Our Offerings:

  • Downtime Reduction
  • Process Optimization
  • Lost Profits Reduction
  • Preventive Maintenance Recommendation
  • Daily Production vs Financial Performance Analysis
  • Compliance & Traceability Analysis
  • Enriched Supplier Visibility
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Enhanced Device/Machinery Performance
  • Our Competence:
    InfoVision helped a food and beverage company with Supply Chain and Demand Forecasting to enhance capability to streamline operations, reduce OPEX as a result of the integrated manufacturing, and supply chain systems, improve decision making proficiency and insights regarding Operations.

    Media/ Entertainment:

    Make headway in Media and Entertainment industry with the power of next-gen predictive bid data analytics

    In Media & Entertainment world the huge amount of complex data comes from the explosion in data from Digtal channels like web, mobile and lot of apps. Today’s media and entertainment industry demands that the content creators and distributors embrace the new way of leveraging big data analytics to understands its target audience better. The advanced big data analytics from InfoVision help you capture, analyze and unlock data insights to improve your customer interactions.

    Our Offerings:

  • Demographic Data Analysis
  • Enhanced Targeted Campaigns
  • Our Competence:
    One of our clients’ with more than 8500 stores in North America, wanted to respond in an agile way to its customer requirements. This was done with InfoVision’s data experts that developed a Business Operations Research (BOR) model to support emerging requirements related to inventory pull, warehousing and distribution.

    Other Domain We Serve:

  • Healthcare
  • Banking Finance
  • Energy/Utilities
  • Restaurants/Food Chains
  • Travel/Transportation
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