Vision for a Native Workforce

iStock_000011503513_MediumOver 180 years ago, Native American nations in the United States were forced to abandon their homes following the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Many Native Americans suffered from exposure, disease, and starvation while on route to their unknown destinations. Five generations have come and passed, yet, the impacts of discrimination and genocide are still prevalent. Native American reservations are comparable to third world countries and access to jobs are limited. Many are experiencing unemployment ranges from 35% to 85% depending on the community. Only 11% of American Indians have college degrees compared to 24% of their Caucasian peers.

ClearRES believes that while generations have elapsed, Native American ancestors must all play their part in rehabilitation and revival of a once lost community. Doing business with ClearRES helps afford new opportunities and educational assistance. ClearRES aids in retooling our reservations to build strong, self-sufficient communities. ClearRES believes that the evolution of technology should be leveraged to harness the power of the rural communities, connecting everyone to everything. ClearRES donates 2.5% of its profits to aid in furthering higher education opportunities to Cherokee People.

The ClearRES Vision 2020 Businesswoman standing outside office building long-term outlook is to revitalize reservations, standing up remote skill locations through specialized training programs and centralized reservation development centers. Through furthering technologies and an increasingly connected world, we can make a difference by changing the way we operate as a society. Native American reservations are an untapped differentiator to our domestic economy and the benefits to the reservations are clearly required. Focused training and centralized delivery locations aims to reduce unemployment and provide a standard quality of living enhancement for some of the most rural and desolate locations. ClearRES Vision 2020 is to accelerate reservations moving into the 21st century; helping redirect funds that leave our domestic shores and address real problems in rural America where some 30-43% of American Indian children live in poverty.

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