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At ClearRES, we have grown in our abilities to deliver exceptional services and cutting edge technology solutions. Our team’s capabilities span across a wide range of IT services. Diversity, integrity and professionalism combined with decades of industry expertise allow us to meet the needs of our clients on a daily basis. We take a unique approach to resolving problems, carefully crafting expert solutions backed by a solid foundation of proven strategic resourcing.

Teamwork works about a new projectThe strategic resources at ClearRES are integrated throughout the entirety of our business. We approach every project with the same attention to detail. No matter the size or complexity, our team creates a thorough report of the clients aspirations and end-goals via a proven analyzation methodology. Once all the factors are determined, we then address those needs by appointing the ideal professional for the assignment. This individual goes through extensive screening, training and finally, integration into the client’s team. With a broad portfolio of IT resources, the professional is continually supported with throughout the allotted project time until our clients needs are met.

ClearRES’ proven ability of addressing a wide range of client needs has made us the trusted IT Services & Solutions company of companies across the U.S. Time and time again, companies turn to us for effective staffing solutions. Whether your are in need of one part-time individual or a team of highly seasoned technical experts, ClearRES can deliver.

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To get started with expert solutions from ClearRES, please contact us by phone 1-855-882-1980 or send us a message from our web form.

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At ClearRES, we aim to provide unequivocal quality strategic resourcing underpinned by ‘clear’ differentiation. With over 600 billable resources and 20 years of industry experience, ClearRES delivers IT solutions through a unique methodology.



I cannot recommend this company highly enough. The staff was extremely professional, efficient and did an amazing job overall. Outstanding service and wonderful customer relations make for a valuable experience. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and neighbors."