Integrated Value Delivery

Staffing companies across HiRes the country have found the competitive edge they’ve been looking for, thanks to ClearRES. They have expanded their capabilities to deliver integrated value to their customers, expand into new market segments and stand out amongst key competitors by establishing the defining differentiators of their business.

The principles of integrated value delivery provide an approach to business that allows us to fill in all areas of core competences for our clients. Our technical knowledge and expertise rests as the foundation for our strategic resources offering. We give our customers the tools and resources to enhance their abilities in area including business intelligence, advanced analytics, communications, IP and more. Obtain a comprehensive and widely applicable plan that offers various choices for advanced development in different fields. With ClearRES, you’ll have the dedicated resources and guidance to meet goals and make measured progress in the workplace.

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IT Consulting Firms | Richardson TX
IT Solutions based in Richardson TX.


At ClearRES, we aim to provide unequivocal quality strategic resourcing underpinned by ‘clear’ differentiation. With over 600 billable resources and 20 years of industry experience, ClearRES delivers IT solutions through a unique methodology.



I cannot recommend this company highly enough. The staff was extremely professional, efficient and did an amazing job overall. Outstanding service and wonderful customer relations make for a valuable experience. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and neighbors."