iPad Application Development

Our client wanted to build an innovative merchant centric application tied with a loyalty program that put the business owners in complete control. We built an innovative app that allows Merchants to create campaigns in real-time. The app utilizes the iPad’s large touch screen, camera, and geolocation functionality to detect a customer’s location and send them targeted campaign offers. iPad application development is another great way to appeal to audiences. This mobile application development helps draw in people who want to use apps, which is the majority of iPad users. iPad apps development is another tool offered by Infovision to increase your company’s standing in the world. The use of iPad application development makes a company seem more modern and up-to-speed with technology, especially when compared to competitive companies that do not have any such iPad app.


UX & Design

A solid user experience is as much about simplicity, engagement, interaction, and function as it is making things visually appealing. We strive hard to understand our client’s objectives, and developed sophisticated UI concepts and models to serve as the framework for the application’s visuals and business logic. The end result was a visually stunning application optimized for functionality. We understand the importance of accomplishing goals while maintaining a look that optimizes the technology available in order to create a more comprehensive application. The design of the application must not hinder its performance, which is why we have a vigorous process in order to ensure that the application meets all of our client’s needs. The user experience is often why defines a good application from a bad one, which is why we thoroughly test our applications. We strive for perfection in the creation of our applications, which we want to be visually appealing and simplistic for the user as well as informative and engaging for our client.


iPad Multi-Touch Capability

Multi-Touch supports a very natural user interface, which allowed us to shrink the learning curve while drastically increasing the quality of usability for the client’s application. The quality of usability is extremely important in the creation of an application. Usability, or the user experience, matters most of all in iPad app development. Our mobile application development team will ensure that the iPad app developed for our clients will have the best usability possible, which influences users to frequently revisit the app and thus increases the usage of the app. The Multi-Touch capability of the iPad lends toward this goal, which is why iPads are a rising area for contact with future clients for many companies. As an IT services company, Infovision understands the importance of developing multiple methods of outreach to clients.

Infovision is able to provide comprehensive and visually appealing iPad apps that can accomplish the basics of what your company needs. Using a talented group of individuals for the iPad application development team, Infovision provides only the best iPad applications for its clients. If you think having an iPad application will help your company to stand out from the crowd or help your company to be a better participant in this modern economy, please contact us today!

InfoVision specializes in enterprise applications, technology solutions and strategic resources. Core practice areas include mobile app solutions, business analytics, visualization and collaboration, and wireless and IP communications. Contact InfoVision today to learn more about our iPad development capabilities.

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