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InfoVision takes pride on its growing and dynamic SAS consulting practice. InfoVision established “SAS Alliance Partner” with SAS Institute in 2000 to better reach customers. Infovision built a team of highly qualified professionals that are domain specific and achieved higher level of academic excellence through MS and PhD. Our SAS team has been able to help some of the top companies to reengineer and strategically position their business intelligence network to effectively meet their organization’s demand for effective business intelligence information. Our services cater extensively to financial sector, banking and credit card services industry, pharmaceutical industry, Health care, energy and utilities, manufacturing sector, and semiconductor industry.
Process & Tools:
Our SAS practice strength covers multiple platforms that include Windows, UNIX, Open VMS and mainframe. We specialize in most innovative and latest technology available in the SAS system. InfoVision leveraged SAS proven leadership in the areas of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) through infrastructure and technical support. We also specialize in web-based and enterprise-wide reporting tools. We use Java-based technology such as WebAF and WebEIS, WebHound, Enterprise Guide and Enterprise Reporter. We have automated and integrated information systems utilizing SAS data warehouse and database technology (Warehouse Administrator, Base, Access, Share, Connect, SQL) and OLAP tools (MDDB Server, WebEIS, WebAF, MDDB Report Viewer). Our analysts are experienced in data mining techniques and use of Enterprise Miner; STAT, OR and QC module implementation; and the use of JMP to implement quality systems, in particular in the semiconductor industry.

The following are some of InfoVision’s SAS-related contracts:

Retail and Banking

Dealer Contest Credit and PCI Hard Hanks Database Reporting
This system is being used by a leading financial institution to enroll dealerships and for maintaining business relation from a contest perspective. InfoVision was involved in the design and development of a prototype using SAS/IntrNet. The resulting system is responsible for creating SAS programs that read data file from PCIS Hard Hanks database and creating customer lead files. Customer leads are then generated by match and data sets are merged depending on the data model that will be used.


Warehousing Initiative for Simplified Access Reporting (WISAR)
WISAR is a web-based reporting tool developed for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The system provides program management tools to more effectively manage programs ranging from Employment Services to Child Welfare. InfoVision was responsible for the extraction-transform-load (ETL) process using the SAS/Warehouse Administrator and Oracle database.

Market Research

Marketing Information Solutions and End-User Interface (EUI)
InfoVision was involved in the EUI team responsible for the design, development, and implementation of the front-end tool that enables the client to perform their Customer Relationship Management tasks. It was responsible for the creation of a business rules builder, batch processing manager, batch output viewer, static reports viewer, reconnect routine and trend/churn static reporter.


SAS Normal Range and Decision Tree Module
This module provides users with the ability to define normal ranges for numeric measurement data, store and report these data, and mark abnormal data on study reports. It also provides users with the ability to perform decision tree analysis for either continuous or discrete data through the application of a series of statistical algorithms using probability values as driving factors. An output file is then created and fed to a vendor software for flagging significant differences among groups.

Clinical Studies

Phase II & III – Design and Analysis
Infovision team provided analysis and design services for phases two and three clinical trials of the customers’ hypertensive drug. Services also include maintaining the clinical database and generate research reports on the results of the trials. Prepared and stored SAS programs necessary to produce data and summary statistics tables and graphical outputs, using procedures such as PROC REPORT, PROC GLM, PROC REG, PROC NPAR1WAY, PROC ANOVA, PROC TABULATE and PROC SUMMARY.

IT and Telecom

Statistical Analysis Module (SAM)
SAM is a tool developed to help the employees of a leading Philippine telecom company plan their system upgrades and maintenance by monitoring different call centers and predicting the amount of calls that will come in. Specifically, it generates the required forecast traffic for a one to three year period using traffic administration and network management or performance parameters. This system uses the monthly output of the Traffic Data Processing Module as its database (stored in an Oracle database) then provides the analyst with a set of statistical tools and techniques to do correlation studies and plot them over time. The analyzed results are stored using a defined structure.

Energy and Utilities

Risk Analysis Reporting System
InfoVision was involved in the design, development and testing of a risk warehousing and reporting system for a leading utilities company. The reporting system churns out position, P&L, MTM and greeks report for the use of energy traders in managing their risks and Risk Management for risk reporting. The system consists of pulling cash and forward data from legacy systems on a daily basis and then converting them to MDDB format. The system also warehouses the firm’s capacity auctions, deals, trades, entitlements, deployments, settlement and valuation data. It pulls entitlements, trades and deployments data from various databases (such as MSSQL Server and Oracle databases) into a SAS Position Data Warehouse. This data is then used to calculate AS allocation, capacity and energy settlement calculations.


Integration and Program Evaluation Manager
InfoVision worked on a database and decision support system and a systems integration project for a leading semiconductor subcontracting firm producing plastic and laminate-based products. The database and decision support system seeks to assess the impact of technical and behavioral programs in improving manufacturing indices such as yield, customer corrective action requests (CCAR) and incorrect line operations (misops). The system supports data management and quality check measures, generation of data reports, and graphical analysis. End-user report and analysis include: data and statistical analysis and validation results. The systems integration project links the information and knowledge resources database of the Organization Development Department. Prior to integration, these resources were built using different systems and architecture. The systems include, among others, enrolment and scheduling system, customer feedback system, learning metrics, and audit and certification queries.
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