Big Data Analytics

At InfoVision, we understand that data analytics can propel your business to new heights. The ability to make informed decisions based on invaluable analytics is the key to stay ahead of the pack. With enviable experience in data analytics domain, we can help you transform your business insights into profitable results.

InfoVision offers Big Data Analytics solutions for different domains and industries. View some of our solutions which turn data and big analytics into your competitive advantage.

Optimizing Operations for Improved Profitability and Reduced Downtime

Manufacturing, operations, service or product companies feel the pressing need to optimize asset utilization, budgets, performance and service quality.

At InfoVision, our proven competence can unlock insights hidden in log, sensor and machine data – insights like trends, patterns, and intelligent revelations that can improve efficiency, drive higher profitability and reduce OPEX, saving millions of dollars.



InfoVision utilizes its proprietary processes and methodologies to deliver cutting-edge data driven decision support systems to transform, optimize, innovate and ensure compliance. Following an 8 step process from ‘Problem Identification’ to ‘Model Evaluation & Evolution’, our 4A methodology ensures that we exceed our customer expectations.

Assess – Study the as-is business processes and identify/formulate/illustrate the problem.
Analyze – Critically Analyze the data collected through assessment and identify the key improvement areas with benefits in short term, medium term and long term.
Adopt – Going down the line, developing the model that has transformational capability.
Assure – Establish the effectiveness of the transformation plans by comparing business outcomes and refine/evolve/realign the strategy for optimal business outcome.

Detecting Fraud & Compliance for Enhanced Risk Mitigation

Insights from Analytics can help uncover what’s hidden and in time, to avoid risks. Analyzing data can help anticipate and prevent fraud, streamline regulatory reporting and compliance (HIPPA), identify and stop rogue traders and protect brands.

At InfoVision, we can utilize our competence to unravel terabytes of data – regardless of its source, type, size, or format – to generate the metrics needed to take care of fraud and compliance-related issues.

Innovating Products & Services for Future Demands

Innovating new products, is vital for the sustenance of every business regardless of the industry.
At InfoVision, we can use data from CRMs, Social Media, Web Traffic, Sensors, Products, Transactions, Third-parties, Market Research among others to identify customer demands/trends and ultimately craft new, data-driven products and services.

  • Differentiators
  • Competence
  • Expertise
  • Proven Competence in increasing revenues by up to 2x, reducing operational costs up to 30%.

    Reduced time to market, cost-effective business solutions. Track record executing projects on time & under budget.

    Data Scientists & Domain Experts with 100+ people years Experience in multiple industries, technologies & business issues.

    Dedicated secure onshore & offshore development centres. Excellent Testimonials on quality & service.

    Quality resources, dedicated research/account management. Flexible executive team to promptly resolve any issues.

    Developing custom solutions to churn Big Data leveraging high performance computing.

    Global delivery capabilities with operations in North America, Europe and Asia.

    Proprietary technologies, methodologies, tools and processes to provide cutting-edge solutions.

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