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“InfoVision was engaged on key strategic products we have developed – Next Generation Voice Services for our Customers.” Senior VP, Telecom company


Android Application Development

Our client wanted to increase online participation in the banking process and devise an easy way for their customers to make person to person payments. We built an Android app that could instantly send money from one account to another via an SMS message. A seamless implementation of this application on different platforms was key to the overall success of the project and our Android team created an innovative and powerful platform to achieve the same. As an IT solutions company, we want to make sure that our clients could count on us for app development. We understand that the advent of smart phones also indicates the advent of a whole new means of marketing. We are more than capable of using android app development for our clients, but we are not limited to the Android. Our capabilities extend to the iPhone and Blackberry mobile devices as well, which opens up even more mobile, online traffic for our clients. The development of these apps enables companies to draw in audiences who are constantly on their phones and who want the convenience of an application without the hassle of being in the store or even online in some cases.


Mobile Strategy

Our knowledge of industry insights as well as working on different mobile platforms has helped us identify the best roadmap for our clients’ needs. We have acquired a unique perspective to deal with application development of any kind, be it related to e-business, brand-new mobile applications, or upgrading of existing apps. For example, our knowledge of the app development industry means we know how to create new or even update old applications. By offering mobile application development over a vast suite of solutions, we were able to help our client make significant advancements in the mobile space. We want to ensure the best user experience possible, so we make sure that our apps are visually stunning as well as optimized for real world scenarios. Our applications development is not restricted to the Android, however. We also have the means to create iPhone and Blackberry applications.


Simplified Development

The Linux-based Android platform allowed full access to the whole functionality of mobile devices by incorporating a powerful Java engine. Android allows you to combine information from the Web, directly from your mobile handset and corporate sources’ speeding-up the information-gathering process and exactly delivering data. The development process is very technical and some companies feel like they can get lot in the process. Infovision’s extremely capable mobile application development team is able to ease the stress of these companies by creating the application themselves.
The benefits of adding a mobile application to your services are enormous, considering the amount of people that well-crafted applications can draw in. The ease of a smart phone application often trumps the difficulties of figuring out websites or dealing with the hassle of actually physically visiting the company’s office. If you believe the appeal of an app would benefit your company and would like an app developed for your company, contact us today!
Specializing in enterprise and mobility applications InfoVision has developed iPad, iPhone apps, and Blackberry apps for our clients. Contact InfoVision today to learn more about InfoVision’s Android development capabilities.

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